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What Crest Whitestrips Should You Choose?

Crest WhitestripsCrest Whitestrips come in different formulations, which can be confusing for you to choose from. There are Crest Whitestrips Classic, Crest Whitestrips Premium, Crest Whitestrips Pro Effects, Crest Whitestrips Advanced Seal, Crest Whitestrips Supreme Pro, and Crest Whitestrips Daily Multicare.

Here are some guides that will help you choose the best Crest Whitestrips products for your teeth.

  • Do you have no time to use Crest Whitestrips for 30 minutes everyday? If so, Crest Whitestrips Daily Multicare will be the perfect solution for you. You only need to use this Daily Multicare 5 minutes once a day. Furthermore, Crest Whitestrips Daily Formula is very suitable for persons who have sensitive teeth. Since the contact time with the whitestrips is just 5 minutes, there are virtually no side-effects, such as sensitive teeth, or “burned” gums. But, please note that you may not see the result within short.
  • If you have sensitive teeth, we suggest you to try Crest Whitestrips Classic since they have low dosage of Hydrogen Peroxide.
  • Crest Whitestrips Classic is also the cheapest than other Crest Whitestrips products. So, if you are in the tight budget, you may consider to use this.
  • If you want to start seeing the result after 3 days you may use Premium, Pro Effects or Advanced Seal. They all have 10% Hydrogen Peroxide.
  • Crest Whitestrips Premium will whiten your teeth 2x faster than Crest Whitestrips Classic. Use this if you want to whiten your teeth quickly. You will start seeing the results after 3 days and full results in 7 days
  • If you are interested to get the whitest teeth possible, you should try Crest Whitestrips Pro Effects. With Crest Whitestrips Pro Effects you may get professional in office results without the cost of dentist treatment.
  • Crest Whitestrips Advanced Seal is the newest product of Crest Whitestrips. The main advantage to Crest Advanced Seal is that the strip is instantly molds and adheres to teeth. You still can talk, exercise, drive, be active, even drink fluids, with the strip in place. You can whiten your teeth while you’re in the go, at work, anywhere. The others like Classic, Premium, Pro Effects, advise you to be stationary for the 30-minute treatment time.
  • Crest Whitestrips Supreme PRO can remove up to 20 years of stains in 21 days. So, if you have yellow teeth for years, it’s better if you choose Crest Whitestrips Supreme PRO. Strong but safe Crest Whitestrips Supreme PRO contain 14% Hydrogen Peroxide which is the strongest dose available from Crest and is not harmful to your teeth. If you want to dramatically whiten your teeth, this Crest Whitestrips Supreme will be the best answer.

So, which one do you need?


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