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What Others Say About Crest Whitestrips

Do you want to know what other people say about Crest Whitestrips?

Has a sticky feeling, but it works!
by Bader A. Alsaeed, Lake Oswego, Oregon USA – Quoted from

I used it for roughly around 6 months now. This is the first teeth strip whiting product I’ve ever used. I have to say it worked! My teeth look and feel whiter. It covered the front and middle rows only. They get painfully sensitive for a day or two after. But I’m used to that since I’ve always had sensitive teeth. My mouth kept salivating nonstop for some reason when i had them on. Sometimes the strips don’t fit right so there’s some part of the strip poking my gum which can get irritating. My mouth gets dry afterwards (probably from the over salivating)Over all i don’t regret it and i recommend it if you need a quick fix.

by Keith R. Michaels – Quoted from

Some people complain about the sensitivity during the first few days. In my case there also was some acute gum and nerve discomfort in the beginning. I hung in there and by day 4 it never came back. Now I’m on day 7 and am very pleased with the results. A noticable, whiter difference. Would strongly recommend.

Worked really well for me
by Ado Annie – Quoted from

I used the Pro-Effects strips a couple of years ago and am now buying a new box to whiten my teeth again. They made a big difference with my teeth, which I’d not been able to achieve with other whitening products I’d tried. I found that I did have sensitivity and started taking a Tylenol or two about half an hour before whitening, like you do when taking kids for shots. This really helped!! In addition, I always use a toothpaste for sensitive teeth. The combination helped A LOT!! I recommend the Pro-Effects strips because they have the most peroxide you can get without a dentist and they get the job done.

It really works!
by Happy Smile “Lim” in Lathrup Village, MI – USA – Quoted from

The reason I purchased this product was the beautiful white smiles of two ladies in my Arthritis Aerobics class. After years of coffee and tea drinking, I definitely had a brownish cast to my teeth and deep browning on the tips of my teeth. I can’t believe how much whiter and brighter my teeth are now. I am getting a kit for my husband. I did have some sensitivity so I would skip a day. After years of staining a day or two doesn’t make much difference and the results are really good.

by Guogai in College Park, MD, USA – Quoted from

Very effective product. I’ve used this product in 2007 and 2008 summers. Although now is summer 2009 and I haven’t use another pack, people still compliment on my teeth and ask me what’s the trick. This product is kinda magic and really works for me. Actually, I haven’t finish my pack last summer, since my teeth are already white enough.

The only drawback of this product is that it makes my teeth felt a little sour during the the usage. I’m not sure whether this is a typical thing for all teeth strips, because I’ve only use this product and plan to stick to it.

Noticeable difference, Great adherance!!
by Janice Lynn in West Hartford CT – quoted from

Have tried all the previous Crest strips,and yes, they also work..but the advanced seal is the Best of the lot,IMHO,because: 1)It sticks to the teeth :powerfully:no slippage 2)Because there’s no slippage, it’s easier to apply,and keep on:you can :talk w/it and even drink (i used water), without disturbing the seal in the slightest 3)The whitening effects, on myself are more noticeable,earler(say day 2-3) 4)Yes, It is more expensive:so, a coupon or sale -or both- to keep this in your closet, is the way to go

Compliments – even from my dentist
by Anne in West Bend, WI – quoted from

I use Crest whitestrips any time I feel my smile needs a little brightening. Everyone comments on my bright smile – even my dentist. I love this product and cannot live without it!

Works Well!
by Wobbly One in Pembroke, NH – quoted from

I’ve used Crest Whitestrips for at least three years now…I usually use them once or twice a year. The work well – I get compliments on my smile from both friends and my dentist. They do cause some gum sensitivity for me, but it only lasts for a couple of days after I finish using the strips. The whitestrips don’t taste that great and could have a better seal – they slip around on my teeth quite a bit. I’ll probably try the Advanced Seal version next time. But overall, this product works well, and does what it’s supposed to.

Great Product!
by Still Waters in Iowa – quoted from

I use these strips once every year around my birthday. I always get compliments on how white and healthy my teeth look, even from my dentist! They do make your gums sensitive but it doesn’t bother me because it is only temporary and the sensitivity goes away in a few days after you stop use, but the whitening results last all year! I am a habitual caffiene drinker but no one would even guess because I use this product. A great buy!

by Amber in FPO, AP – quoted from

GREAT PRODUCT! I can stand having both strips on at once, but my husband only wears one at a time. His teeth are slighty sore after he uses them, but mine aren’t. Even if you feel some soreness, it isn’t too bad, and the great whitening results are worth it! We both get tons of compliments on our white teeth. You can put them on any time and still be able to talk almost perfectly while wearing them. I usually wear them and go for a 30 minute walk, so I’m whitening my teeth and getting some exercise!

I wish I had used this product sooner…
by an anonymous customer, New York, NY – Quoted from

I have been a skeptic of teeth whitening products for a long while. However, I decided to try this product before forking over $500 for the dentist to whiten my teeth. I had a front tooth that had turned an orangy color that had made me self conscience of my smile. After using this product, I saw results within the first few days and a full week later I saw a huge change especially in that one tooth particularly. Now I am a bona fide believer in this product and have the pearly whites to proove it!

Lovin my white teeth!!!!,
by BaBeezandMe, Philadelphia, PA – Quoted from

When I first decided to try whitening strips I tried the store brand and I got ok results. Then I decided to try the Crest Whitening Strips and WOW, they are amazing. I saw better results after the very first strip! Well worth the little extra money spent.

They are a little awkward to use at first but once you get used to placing the strips they are easy to use. When you remove the strip you get this pasty feeling in your mouth for about a minute or two but nothing major. Also, try not to use the strips right after brushing or you can experience minor tingling of the gums and sensitive teeth.

No more store brand strips for me!!!! Thanks Crest!

They are the best whitening strips I’ve tried!
by themakeovermomma – Quoted from

I tend to have a bit of an obsession with wanting really white teeth (doesn’t everyone?), but I honestly don’t have the time or money to get any professional whitening treatments. I have tried every kind of drugstore whitening product available (non-name brand strips, whitening pens, toothpastes and trays), and tend to find them messy, uncomfortable (or just plain embarrassing to be seen wearing!) Most of my friends have said that Crest Whitestrips are the best-of-the-best, and despite my initial defiance… I have to finally agree…they are the best I’ve tried so far. I put them on before I wash my hair or jump in the shower, keep them on (they never burn, string or make me drool like I’m getting a root canal) and then pop them off once I’m done. I think I have a new favorite!

Best Product Available
by WalMartReviews320, Reidsville, NC – Quoted from

I’ve tried several teeth whitening products in the past. Crest whitening strip products worked the best for me, however I always had an issue with the product remaining in place. Advanced seal is the absolute best product I’ve tried to date.
The only negative factor found is Advance seal product contains considerably less strips than others for the same price.

Wonderful Product
by azera, Grand Island, NE – Quoted from

I love this product and its so simple to use everyday. I am proud to say that I use it and to tell my friends about it becuase its made from a brand I trust the most- CREST.


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